There’s hope
in clinical research

We connect people with clinical research opportunities to advance healthcare.

Trials make new treatment options possible for patients.

The most important step in drug development is a clinical trial – when a treatment or medication is put to the test, to determine if it is safe and effective. When the medication is approved and makes it to market, millions of people and their loved ones can benefit.
Right now, there are 450,000+ clinical trials in progress around the world exploring treatments for a wide range of health conditions.
80% of these trials will be delayed because they can’t find enough volunteers to participate.
Without participants, it takes much longer for life-changing medications to become available.

We're here to speed up clinical research.

Our job is to get volunteers involved in trials so that we can get new medication and treatments tested, approved and publicly available for those who need it most.
Since 1995, Clinical Trial Media has successfully screened millions of patients across thousands of studies in over 50 countries. Our mission is to leverage science and humanity to accelerate clinical research and advance healthcare treatment options.

There are benefits to participating in clinical research.

Gain access to cutting-edge treatments and expert medical care
Get actively involved in your own healthcare
Help others by advancing medical research

Together we can make a difference.

Take our health screener to join our community of millions of people who are interested in helping to advance treatment options; we’ll let you know when a potential study opportunity opens in your area.
Tell your loved ones.
Let others know about the importance of clinical research and how they can get involved.
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